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11 questions! 

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Questions from the amazing stelenasaur.
1. choose a fandom apart from tvd and state(fancy word) your fav. character:
This is so hard. I’m struggling to pick a fandom. I’m gonna pick Twilight and go with Bella. Because she’s always been dear to me.

2. how long have you had your blog?
Probably only a couple of weeks.
3. forwood or klaroline?

4. Katherine or Elena?
So hard. But Elena.

5. who is your otp, briefly explain why?
My OTP is Delena because they make each other better people and that’s what love should be.

6. Your fav. hero/heroine
Either Tess Durbeyfield or Cathy from Wuthering Heights.
7. Stefan or Damon?

8. fav. book?
New moon or one of TMI or TID books. :)

9. current obsession?
Anna dressed in blood - it’s a really good book. :)

10. fav. off screen couple?
Either Robsten </3 or Nian. :)

11. fav. off screen or on screen friendship(any fandom)
Dalaric, just because.
gilberwhore’s questions.

  1. Meredith or Jenna?
  2. Favorite pizza topping
  3. Do you like that Elena is a vampire
  4. Dark Bonnie, yes or no?
  5. Books or films?
  6. Defan or Dalaric
  7. Kristen Stewart, yes or no?
  8. Kisses or cuddles?
  9. Favorite cast member?
  10. Pepsi or coke?
  11. Do you believe in love at first sight?
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